One Piece : ตำนานโจรสลัดผู้ตามหาสมบัติในตำนาน: Season 8

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The Straw Hats arrive at the oceanic metropolis of Water 7 to find a shipwright who can repair the Going Merry, as well as potentially join their crew. They soon become targeted by the Franky Family, the city’s underground gang, and become involved in a plot within the Galley-La Company. The season centers around the intrigue of Water Seven as Nico Robin leaves the crew to seemingly join up with Cipher Pol No. 9, a hidden organization under the world government as the Straw Hat Pirates are accused of an attempted assassination on Iceberg, the leader of Water Seven and the Galley-La Company. Meanwhile, most of their money is stolen from Usopp by Franky’s henchmen before they could use it for repairs. Later, after finding out the Going Merry was unrepairable, Usopp leaves when Luffy reluctantly admits that the ship is done for.

  • There are still no episodes this season
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